What Network is 0895 in the Philippines – Globe or Smart?

You might have come across a mobile phone number that starts with 0895 and wants to know what network it belongs to. Is 0895 Globe or Smart? Let’s find out.

What is 0895?

0895 is one of the prefix numbers in the Philippines. A prefix number is used by mobile network operators in the country to easily distinguish if a phone number belongs to their network or not.

Knowing what network 0895 belongs to has advantages. Depending on the type of load you top-up, you can enjoy the following;

  • Send free and unlimited text messages
  • Make free and unlimited calls
  • Save big on mobile load credits

Is 0895 Globe or Smart?

Now, to answer the question of whether 0895 is Globe or Smart.

In some cases, phone numbers having a prefix of 0895 can be Globe numbers or Smart numbers. This is possible if the owner applied it for mobile number portability (MNP) to change to other network but wants to retain their mobile phone number.

0895’s Mobile Network

So, what network is 0895?

The mobile network of 0895 is DITO Telecommunity. In short, any phone number with a prefix of 0895 belongs to DITO network. They will remain so as long as that the owner won’t apply it for MNP.

How to Check

By using a mobile network checker, you can easily the mobile network of 0895. A mobile network checker is a free tool What Network PH has developed for anyone to check what network a phone number in the Philippines belongs to.

Go on, and give it a try by entering your own mobile phone number.

Calling & Texting 0895

Here are the ways how to send a text message or make a call to phone numbers starting with 0895.

Sending SMS

  • On your phone, open the messaging app.
  • Tap on create a new message or conversation button.
  • Enter your recipient’s phone number starting at 0895.
  • Type your message.
  • Then, hit send.

Making Calls

  • On your phone, open the calling app.
  • Simply dial the phone number starting with 0895.
  • Now, tap on the dial icon and wait for it to ring.

If you’re calling from abroad, just replace the first digit “0” with “+63” and you’re good to go.

What to Do Next

Here are a few things to do next now that you know what network is 0895.

Get a 0895 Phone Number

0895 is a cool prefix. If you want a phone number that starts with it, you can buy a SIM card at Shopee or Lazada and have it shipped to your home. Be sure to contact the seller first to request a SIM card with a phone number that starts with 0895.

Get a Mobile Load/Topup

There are several ways you can load a mobile phone number in the Philippines. One popular way is through online.

Just search for the term “Online Loading Station” on google and choose a reputable webiste who are selling mobile load credits.

Get to Know Other Prefixes

Below are the previous and next prefixes before and after 0895. You might want to know their mobile network as well and check if they are Sun numbers, TNT numbers or TM numbers.

In Summary

0895 is a prefix number of DITO network. It can belongs to other network when applied for MNP. You can order a phone number that starts with 0895 through Shopee or Lazada.

For local calls, just directly dial the phone number of the person you want to call starting with 0895. If calling from abroad, simply replace “0” with “+63” and hit dial.