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Sun Prefix Numbers 2020

A Sun prefix number is the first four digits of the 11-digit phone number issued by Sun. In other words, these numbers are used by Sun Cellular to easily identify if a phone number belongs to Sun or not.

Being known as one of the Philippines’ leading mobile telecommunications companies, Sun uses more than 15 prefix numbers for all of their subscribers nationwide. As a result, most of us are having a hard time remembering these numbers, right?

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Below are the mobile prefix numbers Sun Cellular network is currently using. Want to know if the 11-digit phone number you have right now belongs to Sun? Let’s consider 09223456789, for instance.

Just extract the first four digits of the above number – in this case it’s 0922. After that, check if it is on the list below. If it is, then, that mobile number is from Sun or the person using that number is a Sun Cellular subscriber.

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