Popular prefixes: 0912 0955 0938 0912 0955 0938

Determine the Mobile Network Using the Phone Number’s Prefix

Another way to know the mobile network of a phone number is by looking into its prefix number. When talking about mobile networks in the Philippines, a prefix number is the first four digits (e.g., 0912, 0919, etc.) of a phone number.

Each network operator in the country has their own set of prefix numbers. Click on a mobile network below to view its prefix(es).

Smart Prefix Numbers

Smart Communications

50+ Prefix Numbers

Globe Prefix Numbers

Globe Telecom

40+ Prefix Numbers

Smart Prefix Numbers

DITO Telecommunity

50+ Prefix Numbers

TM Prefix Numbers

TM (Touch Mobile)

40+ Prefix Numbers

TNT Prefix Numbers

TNT (Talk ‘n Text)

50+ Prefix Numbers

Cherry Prefix Numbers

Cherry Prepaid

40+ Prefix Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions regarding mobile networks in the Philippines.

What is a Mobile Network?

A mobile network, also known as a cellular network, enables wireless communication between many end users, and across vast distances, by transmitting signals using radio waves. 

With millions of mobile subscribers in the Philippines and many mobile networks operating in the country, it can be a little confusing to determine what network a phone number belongs to.

There are two (2) easy ways to determine what network a phone number belongs to. One is by directly entering the phone number above. And second is by looking at its prefix number.

Why You Need to Know the Mobile Network of a Phone Number?

From time to time, Smart, Globe, and other mobile networks in the Philippines offer promos to their subscribers. These include the following:

  • Free calls (to the same or other networks)
  • Free SMS (to the same or other networks)
  • Discounted or Free landline calls to partner networks

To take advantage of these benefits and ensure you don’t incur additional charges when making calls or sending text messages, it’s important to know the mobile network of the person you want to connect to. be familiar with the mobile network prefixes.

What Are the Mobile Networks Operating in the Philippines?

In most cases, mobile networks offer free calls and text messages not only within their network but also to their partner networks or subsidiaries. Here is a list of the mobile network operators in the country.

  1. Globe or Globe Telecom
  2. Touch Mobile or TM (a subsidiary of Globe)
  3. Smart or Smart Communications
  4. Sun Cellular (now a part of Smart)
  5. Talk “N” Text or TNT (a subsidiary of Smart)
  6. Cherry Prepaid (powered by Globe)
  7. GOMO (powered by Globe)
  8. DITO or DITO Telecommunity

What are the Advantages of Knowing a Phone Number’s Mobile Network?

Knowing the mobile network of a phone number can be important for a few reasons:

1. Compatibility

Different mobile networks may offer different services, plans, and promotions.

If you know what network your contact is, you can choose a plan or service that provides better compatibility and cost-effectiveness when communicating with them.

2. Cost Considerations

Calling or texting between users on the same network is often more cost-effective or even free in some cases, depending on the mobile carrier’s promotions or plans.

Being aware of the network can help you manage your communication expenses.

3. Service Quality

Network coverage and service quality can vary between carriers. Knowing the mobile network can give you an idea of the potential call quality and signal strength in different areas, helping you choose a carrier that meets your needs.

4. Promotions and Offers

Mobile carriers frequently offer promotions, discounts, and special offers.

Knowing your contact’s mobile network allows you to take advantage of deals specific to that carrier.

5. Messaging Apps

Some messaging apps may offer free or discounted messaging between users on the same network.

Knowing the mobile network of your contacts can help you choose the most cost-effective means of communication.

While it’s not always crucial to know the mobile network of a phone number, it can be beneficial in certain situations, especially when considering cost, convenience, and service quality.