Identify a Mobile Number’s Network in the Philippines

Easily know what network a mobile phone number in the Philippines belongs to. Is it Smart, Globe, or DITO? Click the button below to enter the mobile phone number you want to check.

If a mobile phone number is in the international format, just change “+63” to “0”.

List of Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines 2023

0813 what networkSmart or TNT
0817 what networkGlobe Telecom
0895 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0896 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0897 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0898 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0899 what networkNot yet assigned
0900 what networkSmart or TNT
0901 what networkNot yet assigned
0902 what networkNot yet assigned
0903 what networkNot yet assigned
0904 what networkGlobe or TM
0905 what networkGlobe or TM
0906 what networkGlobe or TM
0907 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0908 what networkSmart Communications
0909 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0910 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0911 what networkSmart Communications
0912 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0913 what networkSmart Communications
0914 what networkSmart Communications
0915 what networkGlobe or TM
0916 what networkGlobe or TM
0917 what networkGlobe or TM
0918 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0919 what networkSmart Communications
0920 what networkSmart Communications
0921 what networkSmart Communications
0922 what networkSun Cellular
0923 what networkSun Cellular
0924 what networkSun Cellular
0925 what networkSun Cellular
0926 what networkGlobe or TM
0927 what networkGlobe or TM
0928 what networkSmart Communications
0929 what networkSmart Communications
0930 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0931 what networkSun Cellular
0932 what networkSun Cellular
0933 what networkSun Cellular
0934 what networkSun Cellular
0935 what networkGlobe or TM
0936 what networkGlobe or TM
0937 what networkGlobe or TM
0938 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0939 what networkSmart Communications
0940 what networkSun Cellular
0941 what networkSun Cellular
0942 what networkSun Cellular
0943 what networkSun Cellular
0944 what networkSun Cellular
0945 what networkGlobe or TM
0946 what networkSmart or TNT
0947 what networkSmart Communications
0948 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0949 what networkSmart Communications
0950 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0951 what networkSmart Communications
0952 what networkSun Cellular
0953 what networkGlobe or TM
0954 what networkGlobe Telecom
0955 what networkGlobe or TM
0956 what networkGlobe or TM
0957 what networkGlobe or TM
0958 what networkGlobe or TM
0959 what networkGlobe or TM
0960 what networkSmart or TNT
0961 what networkSmart Communications
0962 what networkSun Cellular
0963 what networkSmart or TNT
0964 what networkSmart or PLDT WiFi
0965 what networkGlobe or TM
0966 what networkGlobe or TM
0967 what networkGlobe or TM
0968 what networkSmart Communications
0969 what networkSmart Communications
0970 what networkSmart Communications
0971 what networkSmart Communications
0972 what networkSun Cellular
0973 what networkSun Cellular
0974 what networkSun Cellular
0975 what networkGlobe or TM
0976 what networkGlobe or GOMO
0977 what networkGlobe or TM
0978 what networkGlobe or TM
0979 what networkGlobe or TM
0980 what networkGlobe Telecom
0981 what networkSmart Communications
0982 what networkSmart or TNT
0983 what networkNot yet assigned
0984 what networkNot yet assigned
0985 what networkSmart or TNT
0986 what networkNot yet assigned
0987 what networkNot yet assigned
0988 what networkNot yet assigned
0989 what networkTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
0990 what networkNot yet assigned
0991 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0992 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0993 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0994 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0995 what networkGlobe or TM
0996 what networkGlobe or TM
0997 what networkGlobe or TM
0998 what networkSmart or TNT
0999 what networkSmart Communications

The Advantages of Knowing the Mobile Network

Identifying the mobile network of the person you want to call or send a text message to has advantages. Knowing it allows you to:

  • Save on mobile load credits.
  • Register to the right load promo.
  • See if the load promo you are on can make free calls or send free SMS.

What is a Mobile Network?

A mobile network is a telecommunication system that allows mobile devices to connect and communicate with each other and the internet. It consists of cell towers, antennas, and network equipment spread across an area.

Mobile devices connect to the nearest tower to make calls, send messages, and access the internet.

Mobile networks are operated by companies that provide services to subscribers through various mobile plans. They offer voice, text, and data services, enabling wireless connectivity and supporting a range of communication options.

The Philippines’ Mobile Network Operators

As of today, there are a total of six (6) mobile network operators in the country. Three (3) of these are the major mobile network provider in the Philippines. And the other three (3) are their subsidiary networks. See the table below:

Network OperatorSubsidiary Network
Smart CommunicationsTNT (Talk ‘n Text)
Globe TelecomTM (Touch Mobile) & GOMO
DITO Telecommunitynone

How to Identify Mobile Number Network in the Philippines

There are two ways to know what network a person is using based on his mobile number.

1. Using a Mobile Network Checker

This is a simpler method as you only need to enter the phone number on a mobile network checker tool. You hit enter and then the tool will tell you what network the phone number you entered belongs to.

2. Checking the Prefix Number

This method is simple as well but needs more effort. The first thing to do is to check the first four digits of the mobile phone number. Then, refer to the table of prefix numbers and look for a match to get the mobile network of that phone number.

If you want an easy way, we suggest you use the first method. If you like a tricky one, use the second method.

What is a Prefix Number?

In the Philippines, a prefix number refers to the initial digits of a phone number that indicate the specific telecommunications provider or network to which the number belongs. Each telecommunications company in the Philippines has its own unique prefix number or set of prefix numbers.

The prefix number helps identify the network to which the number is assigned. It is typically the first four digits of the phone number.

For example, if a phone number starts with the prefix number “0917,” it indicates that the number belongs to the Globe Telecom network. Similarly, a number starting with “0971” is associated with the Smart Communications network.

Why Know a Phone Number’s Prefix

Knowing the prefix number of a phone number can be useful when determining the mobile network of your contacts or when considering the cost of calls or messages between different networks, as rates can vary depending on the network.

And to help you identify the mobile network of a specific phone number, What Network PH was born.