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Phone Number Prefixes 2020 – Philippines

If you have a phone number right now and want to know its network, just check at its first 4-digit or 5-digit (if the number is in international format) numbers – also known as mobile number prefix. Then, see if you can find that number with its corresponding mobile network in the table below.

0813 or 63813Smart Postpaid
0817 or 63817Globe Postpaid
0900 or 63900Smart
0904 or 63904Globe
0905 or 63905Globe or TM
0906 or 63906Globe or TM
0907 or 63907TNT
0908 or 63908Smart
0909 or 63909TNT
0910 or 63910TNT
0911 or 63911Smart
0912 or 63912TNT
0913 or 63913Smart
0914 or 63914Smart
0915 or 63915Globe or TM
0916 or 63916Globe or TM
0917 or 63917Globe or TM
0918 or 63918Smart or TNT
0919 or 63919Smart
0920 or 63920Smart
0921 or 63921Smart
0922 or 63922Sun Cellular
0923 or 63923Sun Cellular
0924 or 63924Sun Cellular
0925 or 63925Sun Cellular
0926 or 63926Globe or TM
0927 or 63927Globe or TM
0928 or 63928Smart
0929 or 63929Smart or TNT
0930 or 63930TNT
0931 or 63931Sun Cellular
0932 or 63932Sun Cellular
0933 or 63933Sun Cellular
0934 or 63934Sun Cellular
0935 or 63935Globe or TM
0936 or 63936Globe or TM
0937 or 63937Globe
0938 or 63938TNT
0939 or 63939Smart
0940 or 63940Smart
0941 or 63941Sun Cellular
0942 or 63942Sun Cellular
0943 or 63943Sun Cellular
0944 or 63944Sun Cellular
0945 or 63945Globe or TM
0946 or 63946TNT
0947 or 63947Smart
0948 or 63948TNT
0949 or 63949Smart
0950 or 63950TNT
0951 or 63951Smart
0952 or 63952Sun Cellular
0953 or 63953Globe
0954 or 63954Globe
0955 or 63955Globe or TM
0956 or 63956Globe or TM
0957 or 63957Smart
0958 or 63958Smart
0959 or 63959Smart
0960 or 63960Smart
0961 or 63961Smart
0962 or 63962Sun Cellular
0963 or 63963Globe
0964 or 63964Globe
0965 or 63965Globe
0966 or 63966Globe or TM
0967 or 63967Globe
0968 or 63968Smart
0969 or 63969Smart
0970 or 63970Smart
0971 or 63971Sun Cellular
0972 or 63972Sun Cellular
0973 or 63973Extelcom
0974 or 63974Extelcom
0975 or 63975Globe or TM
0976 or 63976Globe
0977 or 63977Globe or TM
0978 or 63978Globe
0979 or 63979Globe
0980 or 63980Next Mobile
0981 or 63981Smart
0982 or 63982Smart
0985 or 63985Smart
0989 or 63989Smart or TNT
0992 or 63992Smart or TNT
0994 or 63994Globe
0995 or 63995Globe or TM
0996 or 63996Cherry Prepaid
0997 or 63997Globe or TM
0998 or 63998Smart or TNT
0999 or 63999Smart

How to Check a Phone Number’s Mobile Network?

There are at least 6 mobile network providers in the Philippines. With this many operating in the country, it is really difficult to say to what network a phone number belongs to. Is it Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, TM, TNT, Cherry Prepaid or others? It’s time to know!

In the Philippines, a prefix number is used by telco companies to easily identify a mobile number’s network. It is the first 4 digits of the 11-digit phone number, that is why it is called prefix number.

For example, if your phone number is 09123456789, then your prefix number is 0912. However, in some instances, the Philippines’country code (63) is used rather than 0, in the first number. In that case, 09123456789 will become 639123456789. Then you are thinking, is 6391 the prefix number? NO!

If 63 is used instead of 0, just replaced 63 with 0. Using the example above, your prefix number will still be 0912. By checking at the table below, we can then say that the mobile network of 09123456789 is TNT or the person using that number is a Talk ‘n Text subscriber.