0960 What Network Philippines

You might have encountered a phone number that starts with 0960 and want to know what mobile network it belongs to. In detail, here’s what you need to know.

0960’s mobile network is either Smart or TNT. In other words, this prefix has been assigned to Smart Communications or to its subsidiary network, Talk ‘n Text (TNT).

All phone numbers in the country that start with 0960 belong to Smart or TNT network.

0960 Mobile Network

As of today, the mobile network of 0960 is either Smart or TNT. This has been verified by entering a phone number starting with “0960” into the network checker tool.

Basically, a network checker is a tool that can be used to check any phone number’s mobile network in the Philippines.

Is 0960 Globe or Smart?

A phone number that starts with 0960 is a Smart or TNT number. In another case, a phone number having a prefix of 0960 may also be a Globe number if it went through the process of mobile number portability.

Meanwhile, check out the list of smart numbers, globe numbers, sun numbers, DITO numbers, TNT numbers, or TM numbers for updates.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, knowing the mobile network of a phone number is important. Certainly, it lets you save on mobile prepaid load or credits. So, before making a call or sending a text message, make sure to always check for the mobile network first.