List of Prefix Numbers in the Philippines (2023 Edition)

As of today, there are more or less 100 prefix numbers being used by all mobile network providers in the Philippines. With this number of prefixes, it is hard to tell what mobile network a phone number belongs to just by looking at it.

What are Prefix Numbers?

Prefix numbers are the first four digits of the 11-digit mobile phone numbers in the Philippines. It is used by mobile network operators for subscribers to easily identify what network a phone number belongs to.

The Ultimate List of Prefix Numbers

Here is the full and complete list of mobile prefix numbers in the Philippines. Click on each one of them to know what network these prefixes belong to.

0813 what networkSmart or TNT
0817 what networkGlobe Telecom
0895 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0896 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0897 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0898 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0899 what networkNot yet assigned
0900 what networkSmart or TNT
0901 what networkNot yet assigned
0902 what networkNot yet assigned
0903 what networkNot yet assigned
0904 what networkGlobe or TM
0905 what networkGlobe or TM
0906 what networkGlobe or TM
0907 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0908 what networkSmart Communications
0909 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0910 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0911 what networkSmart Communications
0912 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0913 what networkSmart Communications
0914 what networkSmart Communications
0915 what networkGlobe or TM
0916 what networkGlobe or TM
0917 what networkGlobe or TM
0918 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0919 what networkSmart Communications
0920 what networkSmart Communications
0921 what networkSmart Communications
0922 what networkSun Cellular
0923 what networkSun Cellular
0924 what networkSun Cellular
0925 what networkSun Cellular
0926 what networkGlobe or TM
0927 what networkGlobe or TM
0928 what networkSmart Communications
0929 what networkSmart Communications
0930 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0931 what networkSun Cellular
0932 what networkSun Cellular
0933 what networkSun Cellular
0934 what networkSun Cellular
0935 what networkGlobe or TM
0936 what networkGlobe or TM
0937 what networkGlobe or TM
0938 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0939 what networkSmart Communications
0940 what networkSun Cellular
0941 what networkSun Cellular
0942 what networkSun Cellular
0943 what networkSun Cellular
0944 what networkSun Cellular
0945 what networkGlobe or TM
0946 what networkSmart or TNT
0947 what networkSmart Communications
0948 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0949 what networkSmart Communications
0950 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0951 what networkSmart Communications
0952 what networkSun Cellular
0953 what networkGlobe or TM
0954 what networkGlobe Telecom
0955 what networkGlobe or TM
0956 what networkGlobe or TM
0957 what networkGlobe or TM
0958 what networkGlobe or TM
0959 what networkGlobe or TM
0960 what networkSmart or TNT
0961 what networkSmart Communications
0962 what networkSun Cellular
0963 what networkSmart or TNT
0964 what networkSmart or PLDT WiFi
0965 what networkGlobe or TM
0966 what networkGlobe or TM
0967 what networkGlobe or TM
0968 what networkSmart Communications
0969 what networkSmart Communications
0970 what networkSmart Communications
0971 what networkSmart Communications
0972 what networkSun Cellular
0973 what networkSun Cellular
0974 what networkSun Cellular
0975 what networkGlobe or TM
0976 what networkGlobe or GOMO
0977 what networkGlobe or TM
0978 what networkGlobe or TM
0979 what networkGlobe or TM
0980 what networkGlobe Telecom
0981 what networkSmart Communications
0982 what networkSmart or TNT
0983 what networkNot yet assigned
0984 what networkNot yet assigned
0985 what networkSmart or TNT
0986 what networkNot yet assigned
0987 what networkNot yet assigned
0988 what networkNot yet assigned
0989 what networkTNT (Talk 'n Text)
0990 what networkNot yet assigned
0991 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0992 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0993 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0994 what networkDITO Telecommunity
0995 what networkGlobe or TM
0996 what networkGlobe or TM
0997 what networkGlobe or TM
0998 what networkSmart or TNT
0999 what networkSmart Communications

Using the List of Prefix Numbers Above

Knowing the mobile network of a certain phone number is easy if you have the list above. Using it is simple.

Just look at the first four digits you currently have starting at “09” and then locate it from the table above. Then, look at the second column to see its corresponding mobile network.

But, for your convenience, we created dedicated pages for Smart prefix numbers, globe prefix numbers, and DITO prefix numbers. Dedicated pages for TNT prefix numbers, TM prefix numbers, and Sun prefix numbers are available as well.

With those pages, you can tell right away what network a phone number belongs to.

Ways to Identify the Mobile Network

There are two ways to check the mobile network of any mobile phone number in the Philippines.

1. Using a Network Checker Tool

Here are the steps to check a phone number’s mobile network using the network checker tool.

Step 1. Open the network checker tool.
Step 2. Enter your phone number in the local format (use 09 instead of 639).
Step 3. Then, click the “CHECK NETWORK” button or simply hit enter.

And done! The network checker tool will tell you exactly what is the mobile network of the phone number you entered.

2. Using the List of Prefix Numbers

Yes. What we mean is the list you saw above.

From the phone number you’d like to check, take a look at its first four digits and see if you can find it on the list above. Once you found it, refer to the right side of the table and there you will see its corresponding mobile network.

If the phone number is in international format, simply take the first five digits of that mobile number and change the first two digits “63” to “0”. You should now have a four-digit number you can use for checking.

In Summary

Checking what network a mobile phone number in the Philippines is easy. Just take its prefix number (the first four digits) and find it in the table above.

But the simplest way is to use the network checker tool. You just enter the mobile phone number and the tool will tell you what network it belongs to.